Typing Translate in Any Input Box & Search Bar Instantly

Type Translate in your input fields, plus web content hovering translation. Enable smooth multilingual communication on any social platform and with AI

Main Features

Unlock full potential of comprehensive communication on the internet with Type Translate

Instant Typing Translate

Instant Typing Translate

Transform text in input fields to target language instantly with shortcuts or by clicking the icon, no pop-up or page load wait

Hover and Translate

Hover and Translate

Type Translate delivers contextual translations. Free from waiting on full document loads or inefficient pop-up viewing

Socail Media Engagement

Socail Media Engagement

Combine Instant Input Field and Hover Over translation features for fluid conversations on Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more

AI Chat Enhancement

AI Chat Enhancement

Elevate AI insights with text boxes translation feature, effortlessly gather information and deepen your understanding in any language

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

With shortcut keys set up, make the translation process in your input area even more convenient and efficient

Multilingual Communication

Multilingual Communication

With support for over 100 languages, Typing Translate ensures accurate interpretation of words, phrases, sentences, in French, German, Spanish, Arabic


Enhance Your Search Experience

Enter text in the search box, apply type translation with keyboard shortcuts or a button click, and perform searches for more relevant and precise information in your target language

Google Search

Bing Search

DuckDuckGo Search


Effortless Multilingual AI Chat

Type in your native language, translate it to interact with AI. After receiving responses, hover on the AI's feedback to translate it back to your original language, ensuring a smooth and informative multilingual dialogue

ChatGPT & GPT4


Diverse Range of AI LLMs

Real-Time Translation on Social Media

Express yourself on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Participate in IM discussions on Messenger in your target language and connect seamlessly with your friends regardless of language differences

Messenger & Facebook



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Point, Hover, and Translated

Customized type translate that targets content you want. Guaranteeing an uninterrupted and natural browsing flow.

Customizable Shortcuts

Customized type translate that targets content you want. Guaranteeing an uninterrupted and natural browsing flow.

Full Translation Capabilities

Benefit from support for up to one hundred languages, making it easy to communicate and understand content in any language.


What is Type Translate?

Type Translate is an innovative translation tool that allows users to instantly translate text you entered in any input box or text field across various platforms and websites.

How does Type Translate work?

After the Chrome extension is set up, you can translate the text you entered into the target language by clicking the icon next to the text box or by using a shortcut key.

In what scenarios would I use Typing Translate functions?

You may use it in a variety of scenarios where you need to understand or communicate in a different language. This includes browsing foreign language websites, searching for results in target language, interacting with AI models, and chatting with international friends on social media platform or IM web tools.

Is Type Translate compatible with all browsers?

Type translation is currently available for major browsers like Google Chrome, with plans to extend compatibility to others in the future.

Can I use Type Translate for multiple languages?

Yes, it supports a wide range of languages, enabling users to translate typing from and into many different languages.

Is Type Translate available as a mobile app?

At present, typing translate is available as a browser extension. We are exploring options for mobile app development and will announce any progress on our official website.

How can I customize the settings?

You can access settings by clicking on the extension icon in your browser. Here, you can customize type translation languages, shortcut keys, and other preferences to suit your needs.

Is there a limit to the number of translations I can do with Type Translate?

It does not limit the number of typing translations in our beta version.

The Mouse Hover Translation engage too quick, how to adjust?

You can modify Type Translate's hover feature by clicking its icon, settings to activate it only when you hold down the cmd/control key while hovering over the text, or by holding down the alt/option key while hovering.

Where can I submit product suggestions?

To submit product suggestions, you can visit the support page or use the feedback form within the extension's settings. We value user feedback and continuously work on improving the tool based on your suggestions and needs.

Why choose Type Translate?

It offers a fast and intuitive way to translate typing in any input box or search field in real-time, greatly enhancing the efficiency of multilingual communication.

Will my data be collected and used for other purposes?

No, the text is transmitted directly to Google's translation engine for processing. We do not store or use your data for any purpose.